Tree Plantation Drive At Dwaraka Sector 2 DDA Park – 12 August 2019

The tree plantation drive in our “Harela Festival” is continuing in Delhi, Haryana and Uttarakhand during this monsoon season. Today we planted 50 trees saplings at Dwaraka Sector 2 DDA Park in the morning with the help of 9 volunteers of our society. We planted the tree saplings of  Peepal, Bargad, Neem, Jamun, Palash and Sheesham. The rain god Indra blessed us with heavy showers in the morning  which made our task easier as the soil became wet which forms  an excellent condition for new tree saplings to grow fast. Below given are some of the pictures of this event. Since last 25 days we have planted more than 400 tree saplings in Delhi, Faridabad, Balllabhgarh and Almora.